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Postal services are largely enjoying monopoly in the United States. This mean that the private information of citizens is well preserved. Having few mail carries in the neighborhood means that the possibility of having someone interfering with your mails and other sent parcels is hard.
City dwellers might not understand that there is still a large part of the American population in rural areas that doesn’t have the luxury of a fast internet. For these populations and families, Postal Services are still a very crucial for services like their bills, letters and some parcels like medicines. Some of them have gone to the extent of getting rental mail boxes. p.o box address is still very important here.
While you perhaps prefer reading the latest version or issue of your favorite magazine on your computer or tablet, there is still a vast majority of the American population that prefers receiving their newspapers and magazines in hard copy. Also, greeting cards and some gift companies still rely entirely on Postal Services. This is why such services still require postal services.
We all know that physical goods can’t be delivered online. Technology hasn’t reached a place where physical goods can be sent digitally. Until then, postal services come in handy. Postal services are also affordable and can be used by at least 80% of the American population.
Almost every large corporation and business, from e.g power companies to cleaning services rely on the American Postal Service system for delivery of billing, advertising, and sending goods. Though it may look slow and different from other companies that have already taken steps to do paperless filling, there still remains a large number of services traditionally sent by mailboxes.
There is quite a large number of Americans that are homebound due to different types of illnesses. As such, such citizens will certainly need a mailbox where their medicines can be sent. A postal service can be very instrumental for such citizens might find a mailing service very important. The medicines can always be sent to your p.o. box address.

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The postal service was introduced in the US in the year 1916. The Postal Service came into existence because of a lack of truly regulated mail services for the growing country. The importance of postal services in the United States cannot be understated. While the service was introduced in the United States about 100 years ago, it continues to surpass many modern technologies despite the fact it is a bit slow.

Though there are many people that are of the opinion that physical mail services are slow, over priced, and just generally inconvenient, the postal service is a necessary cornerstone of modern society. The post service is here to stay. But not everyone has the space to recieve mail or packages where they live or work.  And as the postal service isn't going anywhere anytime soon, having a dedicated P.O box is a must. The impact of the postal services in the U.S. more far-reaching more than what many people might realize. Above a just a few reasons you might consider a P.O box.

Getting a P.O. Box with PostalMadeSimple is just your first step to reducing clutter and getting some control back over your mail.  We also offer a variety of different services that you might find useful, including:

  • Document Shredding
  • Notary Services
  • Passport Photos
  • Stamps
  • Printing Services

Let us help you deal with all your postal service needs.

New Service Offerings - Address Change Services

We don't want to be just another mail services store. We love innovation and are happy to experiment different and new products we can provide to you, our loyal customers. We currently are working to team up with United States Postal Service to provide a new address change product. Nobody loves standing in line at the post office to change your new address. Soon you can do it all from our website. Contact us today for more information about address change services.